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My name is Stella Dimitriou.

I am a certified and experienced Pilates instructor. Pilates was my hobby became my passion and then my job. As I had my share of back problems I realized how effective the exercises system of Pilates for alienating pain, strengthening through conscious breathing and targeted movement, accepting our limitations and improving our quality of life.

Through the years I have worked with people with serious diseases like Parkinson, MS (multiple sclerosis), back, knee, shoulder injuries etc., post operation recovery and strengthening as well as pre and post-natal preparation for women. Many syndromes and postural weaknesses of everyday working people, the list is endless.

The six Pilates are centering, concentrating, control, precision, breath and flow. They have a therapeutic effect in performing the same exercise with objective of one or more of these principles and have a different result.

Pilates teaches the body not the mind, so when the body awareness goes deeper the movements become more flawless for each individual at the given time. Becoming conscious of lateral breathing and integrating breath with movement opens and strengthens the thoracic area and in addition to other benefits gives a sense of wellness and energy, through the internal organ circulation created by the activation of the diaphragm.

Gadgets and other instruments like balls, elastics, barrels and Pilates chairs are used for position awareness stabilization and challenge of the movement. A lot of these gadgets do not belong to the classical Pilates or otherwise “Contrology”, as it was named by Joseph Pilates but have been integrated positively into the Pilates exercises system.

The exercises built strength, flexibility and stamina; they teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine by strengthening the torso and abdominal muscles.

Pilates and Yoga are complimentary, they look so similar in people’s mind however are different. Pilates focuses on trying to relax muscles which are tense and provide strengthening of numerous muscles of the body. Yoga improves flexibility of the body and gradually increases flexibility of the joints.

Thank you very much,

Looking forward to becoming part of the team

Stella Dimitriou

Coach Pilates

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